We’d like you to take a moment to think about what you love about the countryside. 

The countryside, what it does, what it produces and what it offers affects us all. Since being founded in 2010, The Royal Countryside Fund has worked to empower small family farms and rural communities by investing in projects across the UK which improve service provision in rural areas, support farming businesses and rural enterprises, and provide training opportunities for young people. 

Our work isn’t possible without the support of our Friends and funders. We thank them for helping us reach those most in need and today, we ask you to join us too as we work together towards a more resilient, thriving countryside for everyone. 

Becoming a Friend of the Countryside is an opportunity to make a real difference. Your support will enable us to: 

  • Offer more family farms access to immediate, local and practical support and a path to a sustainable future. 
  • Help rural communities become more resilient by powering community-led solutions to transport, jobs, housing, shops and community spaces. 
  • Support young farmers and new entrants in overcoming challenges preventing them from succeeding in agriculture. 

Become a Friend of the Countryside
today and help us build a real future
for rural Britain!

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