Our impact

At The Royal Countryside Fund, we want to make a positive difference through helping those who live and work in the countryside. Farming families are the stewards of what makes our countryside so unbelievably special. Our transformational business training, our practical workshops on the environment and our bespoke support for farmers are needed now more than ever.

We enable rural communities to become more self-sufficient and viable, particularly to encourage community-led solutions, which we have seen develop in abundance since the arrival of the pandemic. We aim to support the innovative ideas for improving community support services which have sprung up in hamlets, villages and small towns.

How we’ve helped

Enabling farming families to thrive
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Building confident rural communities
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Inspiring support
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Evaluation of the FRP

Through a series of surveys, interviews, and analysis ADAS’s evaluation found that the Farm Resilience Programme delivers significant economic, social, and environmental benefits for farmers.

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We want to create a real future for rural Britain. 

Our vision is of family farms and rural communities that fulfil their role in creating a sustainable future for the countryside and our whole nation, and we are proud to be the only UK-wide charity that empowers family farms and rural communities to survive and thrive.

Our ambition is to:

  1. Support 10,000 farming families

    through our life-changing business training and bespoke support to ensure those farms can run as profitable and sustainable businesses

  2. Invest at least £500,000 annually in rural communities

    to make projects happen, particularly in hamlets, villages and small towns 

  3. Help family farms 

    through their life cycles of succession and progression, particularly young people and new entrants into farming with growing businesses

  4. Invest in our Farm Support Group Initiative

    to ensure family farms can access locally available, practical help, and opportunities to work together across the UK

  5. Increase our help to rural communities

    that wish to become more self-sufficient and viable, by focusing our support on community-led solutions, and illuminating their success so that others can follow

At The Royal Countryside Fund, our work is informed by our three values:
  1. Practical

    We draw upon our experience of working in the field; we listen to those we support and respond to their needs.

  2. Collaborative

    All of our work is through collective endeavour.

  3. Empowering

    We encourage others to develop the tools and skills they need to improve and succeed. We seek to inspire all with whom we work.

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