Farm Resilience Network

Farm Resilience Network

What is the Farm Resilience Network?

The Farm Resilience Network is a continuation of learning and social benefits following participation in The Farm Resilience Programme. It involves a variety of activities, including further workshops, national webinars and in-person events. This network is for farmers, and the topic choice of most of the workshops and events will be decided by participants, so get involved and you can help direct the content!

We are currently running five groups across the UK:

  • Northern Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • South west England
  • Northern England

Participants within these regions can join a variety of workshops. These include Ready for Change, which is supported by McDonald’s UK and Ireland, and looks at regional changes to policy and how to approach them; and IT skills, which covers basic skills, social media use and websites, and is supported by NFU Mutual Charitable Trust.

“It’s really encouraging to hear that McDonald’s are offering this type of support to farmers and helping to keep everyone on the same page.”

Farm Resilience Network member


Webinars will be held throughout the year covering a variety of topics and will be available to all previous Farm Resilience Programme farmers, regardless of location. We have previously held webinars covering current policy changes to the industry and environmental and sustainable farming principles.

Sustainable Farming Principles

The Royal Countryside Fund’s Farm Resilience Network held a webinar with the Sustainable Food Trust on Sustainable Farming Principles.

To gain access to the Farm Resilience Network, please contact us.

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