The Village Survival Guide

In 2018, we were delighted when over 500 community- led projects were recommended to us during our Recharging Rural research. The projects showcased what’s so brilliant about the British countryside – the adaptability, resilience, and forward thinking nature of those who live and work in it.

That’s why we decided to publish The Village Survival Guide. Based on the lived experience of rural residents from across the UK, this book is to help communities to tackle a multitude of issues and make sure that their community will thrive in the future. Featuring advice from experts, as well as the stories of those who ha ve made a real difference in their rural community, The Village Survival Guide will help you get your community up and running.

Miranda Hart, who wrote the introduction to The Village Survival Guide said:

“Villages may be getting more cut off and village halls and churches may have less attendance and need repair but they are still standing, they have such beauty, such rich history, individual purposes and character – they are communities ready to be rebuilt. Everyone living rurally, despite the difficulties, is there for unique, beloved, and vital reasons and therefore deserve respect, understanding and support. Our countryside is one of the most wonderful things about our little island and I admire everyone who is a part of it and I really hope this guide provides some tips to help necessary changes so that life becomes more connected, freer, fruitful (literally and metaphorically), peaceful and joyful.”

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‘It’s clear to me that there are huge opportunities to help the countryside and rural people meet the challenges of the future. The role of the countryside, with all its diversity and idiosyncrasies, in our national life is too important to be left to chance.’

HM King Charles III while he was The Prince of Wales, Country Life, 2018

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