Carbon Clarity

Carbon Clarity

Supporting farmers on their journey to net zero carbon

Carbon Clarity is a new programme helping farms to reduce their carbon output and increase carbon capture. The programme will offer support for dairy and livestock farmers who are looking to become more informed about carbon on farm.

The programme aims to introduce the importance of managing your carbon on farm, outline some of the changing policies surrounding carbon, and provide a framework within which attendees can start to implement change. The prospect of understanding, measuring and capturing carbon can be overwhelming and to date much of the information and guidance available is aimed at larger farms.

Carbon Clarity provides a holistic approach to introducing carbon management to the small family farm. The programme consists of a one-to-one scoping session, a group workshop, and one-to-one support to create your own carbon action plan.

The workshop will be delivered by Becky Willson from the Farm Carbon Tool Kit, and will cover:

  • Why manage carbon on farm? – covering the drivers and benefits of carbon management.
  • Carbon on my farm – discuss sources of emissions and sequestration on farms, supported by demonstration farm examples.
  • What can we do to reduce Greenhouse gas emissions? – exploring practical mitigation options for livestock farms, across 5 key areas: livestock management, energy efficiency, nutrient management, soil management and grassland management.
  • What can we do to improve carbon capture? – opportunities for improving sequestration on farm through management of soils, above ground biomass and habitats.

The simple carbon action plan will provide practical actions which will help you to make changes on your farm. Your trained, local coordinator will help you to complete your carbon action plan.

In 2023, Carbon Clarity was delivered in Devon, Somerset and Norfolk. Register your interest now.

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Morrisons have a long standing relationship with The Royal Countryside Fund. Since initiating their partnership in 2016, Morrisons have demonstrated their commitment to small family farms across the UK – specifically working with the RCF to improve the business and environmental resilience of farming families through sponsorship of the Farm Resilience Programme. We are proud to have developed the Carbon Clarity programme in partnership with Morrisons.

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