Opening the Gate

Supporting new entrants and young people to succeed in agriculture

The RCF and Aldi have co-created an initiative – Opening the Gate – helping young people and new entrants enter, and succeed in, the agricultural industry.

Based on the RCF and Aldi’s research, the programme will focus on several key barriers and challenges preventing people from succeeding in agriculture. Any young farmer, new entrant or individual under the age of 40 thinking about a career in the industry is welcome to take part!

The sessions address the challenges of gaining practical experience and accessing agricultural networks, this time with a focus on career development opportunities and engaging with the online farming community for inspiration, network building and to further careers. The workshops last 45 minutes and are hosted on Zoom. They are free to join and the resources after the session are free to access.

Watch the recordings from each session below:

Workshop One: Work experience, employment opportunities and networking

The first session, aimed at college and school leavers, explored:

  • What career options do I have in agriculture after leaving school or college?
  • What do employers and universities look for – what can I do to make myself stand out?
  • Advice from industry experts.
  • Advice from new entrants and individuals early on their farming journey.
  • Opportunities for questions and networking.
  • Examples of academic versus non-academic routes into the industry.

Read some top tips from the first session’s speakers here and watch the session below:

Workshop Two: Careers in agriculture

The second workshop took place on 13th March. It was aimed at university students and alumni, and explored:

  • What sort of opportunities do I have in agriculture after graduating?
  • How do I make myself stand out against other graduates?
  • What sort of skills and attributes do I need to be successful in this industry?
  • Advice from individuals who have had highly successful careers in agriculture.
  • Opportunity to hear from a new entrant not from a farming background.
  • Chance to ask questions and connect.

Watch the session below:

Workshop Three: Networking and career development

Read the research here: