Welsh Farm Resilience Network event

November 24, 2021

On Tuesday 23rd November, the Welsh Farm Resilience Network (FRN) members congregated in Brecon for their first event.

They began the day with a visit to FRP alumnus Hayley Hanson’s farm and shop, where she designs and sells luxury British leather goods. The group were able to hear the backstory of how the business came about, what it involves and were able to get some Christmas shopping done too!

Moving into Brecon, a quick 10-minute drive away, lunch was waiting for them which providing a great opportunity for networking as attendees were from all different groups across the years of the Programme. Rachael Madeley-Davies of Kite Consulting (and fellow FRP Alumnus) joined the group for their Ready for Change workshop, sponsored by McDonald’s UK and Ireland. This workshop inspired some great conversations amongst the group around expected policy changes and the environment.

Following a lovely dinner, the last session of the day was led by InSynch, a digital marketing and design company which led the group through a workshop of utilising a company’s digital profile through social media and websites. This was a very informative and thought-provoking session to close the day.

Please do get in touch with Programme Officer Fiona Parker if you want to find out more about the FRN and any future events