Waitrose & Partners and The Royal Countryside Fund empower rural communities

April 9, 2024

The Royal Countryside Fund, in partnership with Waitrose & Partners, is proud to support two transformative projects making an impact in rural Britain: The Vale Pantry in North Dorset and North Norfolk Community Transport.

These initiatives represent the core of our mission to enhance the quality of life in rural areas, addressing crucial needs such as food security and access to transportation.

The Vale Pantry offers a unique approach to alleviating food insecurity by providing low-income families with affordable, nutritious food options, emphasising dignity and choice. Similarly, North Norfolk Community Transport bridges critical gaps in accessibility for those without personal or public transport options, fostering social connections and independence.

Supported by the Waitrose Happiness Grants, both projects embody the spirit of innovation and community support, underscoring the RCF’s commitment, alongside Waitrose & Partners, to a thriving, sustainable countryside. Through these efforts, we’re not just addressing immediate needs but are also paving the way for a more resilient and connected rural future.

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For more information about the Vale Pantry, please find the press release here

For more information about North Norfolk Community Transport, please find the press release here

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