The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme trials digital session

June 27, 2020

On Wednesday 24th June, nine members of the Skipton and Garstang groups of The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme took part in the first ever digital session of the Programme.

Coordinated by Ruth Kendal from The Farmer Network, the digital session was run on Zoom and focused on grants available to farmers, particularly in response to Covid-19, delivered by Veronica Walker also from The Farmer Network.

Nine farmers from across the two groups dialed in for a 45-minute session. Attendees were able to ask questions throughout the PowerPoint presentation, and then discussion followed. Several people remained on the call after it had formally finished to ask the speaker specific question.

Liz Seed who took part said “The virtual workshop went well; they raised a lot of good points so it was nice to know you hadn’t missed anything. It was also reassuring that our coordinator and the Fund are there if you need any more support with anything.”

Ruth Kendal, the group coordinator, said: The digital workshop was very successful and a great way to keep the groups connected.

The Garstang and Skipton groups of The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme are generously sponsored by Morrisons.