The Prince’s Countryside Fund Receives Donation from Lycetts!

October 2, 2020

Thank you to Lycetts for choosing to donate to The Prince's Countryside Fund.

Thank you to Lycetts and their employee, Freddie Hamilton-Russell, who selected The Prince’s Countryside Fund to receive a donation from the company.

Lycetts Insurance Brokers have given all their employees across the UK the opportunity to nominate a charity to receive a donation. The Fund was selected by Freddie in their Shropshire office.

The Prince’s Countryside Fund relies on generous donations from supporters to help farmers, their families, and rural communities. Since we were established in 2010, the Fund has given over £10 million in grant funding to nearly 300 grassroots, community projects. We have also developed The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme and watched it evolve into a reputable and successful programme, now in its fifth year.

Thank you again to Lycetts – without your generosity we wouldn’t be able to support farming families and rural communities most in need. As a small charity, we rely on generosity like this to carry out the work we do.

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