The Prince’s Countryside Fund embarks on a new partnership with Willy’s ACV

July 28, 2021

The Prince’s Countryside Fund is delighted to announce a new five-year partnership with health brand, Willy’s ACV. The PCF logo will feature on Willy’s ACV flagship Apple Cider Vinegar bottle and both cans and bottles of their new range of Wild Cloudy Apple Juice.

Willy’s ACV is the third brand created by farmer and entrepreneur William Chase, whose previous ventures include Tyrrells Crips and Chase Vodka & Gin. In 2005, Willy swapped potatoes for apples when he was fortunate enough to take on 200 acres of historic apple orchards – and Willy’s ACV was born. Now 16 years on, sustainability remains at the core of the business; growing without artificial pesticides and fertilisers and letting organic practices help nature find its own balance.

William said: “Here at Willy’s we care deeply about Mother nature; protecting and nurturing our 300-year-old apple orchards, which have never been subjected to pesticides, is key to maintaining the microbiome of the soil. The healthy microbiome means we can produce our living foods absolutely organically. These living foods pass on their amazing benefits to the human gut microbiome when consumed. By committing to The Prince’s Countryside Fund we hope that we can encourage and help others to take a similar pathway, encouraging biodiversity and protecting the land for future generations as well as educating a wider audience on the benefits of natural living foods on gut health.”

Keith Halstead, Executive Director of The Prince’s Countryside Fund, said: “The PCF is working to encourage farmers, land managers and owners to produce high-quality food while maintaining a focus on Nature-based solutions which support productive and resilient agriculture, the restoration of biodiversity and rebuilding our Natural Capital. This is absolutely core to Willy’s ACV’s purpose. I would like to thank William and Willy’s for their significant commitment to the PCF over the next five years and I look forward to our partnership developing throughout this time.”

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