The Jordans and The Prince’s Countryside Fund Sustainable Agriculture Bursary Winners

October 15, 2019

We have now chosen our five successful bursary recipients for the Jordans and The Prince’s Countryside Fund Sustainable Agriculture Bursary 2019.

Jordans Cereals are committed to supporting sustainable agriculture in the UK, which is why we have partnered with them to encourage young farmers of the future. As the demand for a more sustainable agriculture sector increases, and yet the average age of a British farmer is 59 years old (‘Who’d be a Farmer Today’, 2017), it is vital we are championing young people into responsible farming practices.

Through the bursary, five young people are receiving financial aid to support their undergraduate studies at university. In addition, the recipients will receive mentoring from a Jordans team member and the opportunity to network with Jordans farm partnerships. The winners will also receive invites to events and alumni opportunities. The bursary is available for undergraduate agriculture students studying at either the University of Reading or the Royal Agricultural University.

The application process involved two-stages; firstly, an application form for students to explain their interest in agriculture and what sustainable farming means to them and their future. Successful applicants were then taken to a telephone interview with a representative of Jordans, The Prince’s Countryside Fund and a university representative.

By working collaboratively with Jordans, The Prince’s Countryside Fund is supporting passionate, sustainable farmers of the future, in turn achieving a robust and responsible agricultural industry fit for future generations.