The Royal Countryside Fund has published its funding data with 360Giving

March 26, 2024

As part of our commitment to transparency, The Royal Countryside Fund is proud to be working with 360Giving to publish information about our grants.

Publishing open data about the grants awarded in this way helps to give a fuller picture of funding across the UK, supporting learning and better decision-making in the charitable giving sector. It also helps prospective applicants to see the types of projects which we fund.

What data will be published?

The data will include:

    • the name of the grant recipient organisation
    • amount awarded
    • date awarded
    • project title
    • a brief description of the purpose of the grant
    • Organisation Charity/Company Number
    • Organisation Location

How will data be published?

The data is available to download from our website. The data will then be available for tools that use open data, for example GrantNav. This is a tool created by 360Giving, but anyone could create a tool that uses the data.

Visit the 360Giving website for more context about why we are choosing to publish.