Perfect in our eyes

October 1, 2021

Heritage bootmaker Le Chameau raises over £28,000 for The Prince’s Countryside Fund through ‘Imperfects’ initiative.

Prestigious bootmakers Le Chameau have today announced that £28,022 has been raised for The Prince’s Countryside Fund thanks to the ‘Imperfects’ initiative, which saw 10% of the money from the sales of boots being donated to the cause.

The Imperfects initiative ran throughout July and was a chance for fans of the brand to purchase imperfect versions of the boots at a heavily discounted rate, in support of the charity. Le Chameau boots are handmade by ‘maître boittiers’ (master bootmakers) in a meticulous process that takes days just to create one pair.

Known for boots crafted to perfection, Le Chameau is synonymous with quality. Their commitment to the highest standards means that a mere fault can cause a boot to be rejected. While fit for purpose and meeting their rigorous waterproof testing, these less-than-perfect boots don’t meet their meticulous measures. Minor faults can include discolouration, scratches, blemishes, slight damage or inconsistencies. The strictly limited range of boots were available at forty percent less than standard retail price with a special giveback to The Prince’s Countryside Fund of ten percent from every sale of Imperfect boots.

“We are so thrilled to have raised £28,022 for The Prince’s Countryside Fund, thanks to our Le Chameau Imperfects campaign. The PCF supports British farmers in a variety of ways, offering access to immediate, local and practical support and a path to a sustainable future. We’ve seen first -hand the support and resources that the charity provides to help the agricultural industry and are proud to have been able to contribute to allow them to continue the invaluable work they do for our farming community,” says Marketing Director, Georgina Kirby.

Over the past decade, The Prince’s Countryside Fund has invested more than £10 million to over 400 projects working across the UK which improve service provision in rural areas, support farming businesses and rural enterprises, and provide training opportunities for young people. To date the charity has supported nearly 1,000 farming families to take charge of their business through The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme, and working with the Farm Support Group Initiative, helped countless others to access local support when it’s needed most.

Keith Halstead, Executive Director of The Prince’s Countryside Fund said: “Le Chameau’s generous donation from its “Imperfects” initiative enables The Prince’s Countryside Fund to continue our vital work in supporting all those who live and work in the countryside, with the aim of building confident and vibrant farming and rural communities.

“Together with Le Chameau and their customers, The Prince’s Countryside Fund can help secure a real future for rural Britain. Thank you so much for your contribution to our continuing purpose of ensuring a thriving and sustainable countryside for all – today and for generations to come.”

Read more about how The Prince’s Countryside Fund has helped the farming community on the Le Chameau blog here.