New entrant roundtables offer insights for future support

March 11, 2022

On Tuesday 8th and Thursday 10th March, The Prince’s Countryside Fund hosted two roundtable discussions which sought to identify common challenges faced by new entrants to agriculture across the UK.

The sessions, which took place online and included representatives from across the UK, will be used to develop new programmes of support for those in the early stages of their careers in agriculture— including one to be delivered through the PCF’s partnership with Aldi UK.

Over forty participants joined to voice their opinions on the initial barriers in farming, including access to capital, public perception and support networks, among other issues. Representatives included students, young farmers and other stakeholders from across the industry.

Beth Summers, Senior Programmes Manager at the PCF said: “We’re delighted to have received such a high level of enthusiasm and participation in our roundtable sessions. The insights we received from the personal experiences of new entrants will be invaluable as we work to create new support schemes.”

Feedback from both sessions will now inform the development of new entrants initiatives, and determine how the impact of support can be maximised.
Support for new entrants is vital in enabling family farms to thrive, a key pillar of the PCF’s new strategy.