Le Chameau is supporting the PCF

July 1, 2022

Prestigious bootmakers Le Chameau have launched their ‘Imperfects’ initiative for the second year running to raise money for The Prince’s Countryside Fund.

The Imperfects campaign ran last year throughout July and was a chance for fans of the brand to purchase imperfect versions of the boots at a discounted rate in support of the charity, and this year’s campaign will offer customers the chance to support an incredible charity for a second time. Le Chameau boots are handmade by ‘maître bottiers’ (master bootmakers) in a meticulous process that takes days just to create one pair.

Known for their boots which are crafted to perfection, Le Chameau is synonymous with quality. Their commitment to the highest standards means that a mere fault can cause a boot to be rejected. While fit for purpose and meeting their rigorous waterproof testing, these less-than-perfect boots don’t meet Le Chameau’s scrupulous measures. Minor faults can include discolouration, scratches, blemishes, slight damage or inconsistencies. This limited range of boots will be sold at discounted prices with a percentage of sales being donated to The Prince’s Countryside Fund.

Keith Halstead, Executive Director of The Prince’s Countryside Fund said: “British family farms are facing the most significant changes to their businesses in living memory, alongside further pressures coming from the war in Ukraine and the impacts that the Covid-19 pandemic had on our rural communities – the combination of these factors has presented massive challenges to the very fabric of rural life. Our family farmers and rural communities need support, not only to survive these seismic shifts in their lives, but also to thrive by making the most of the new opportunities which are being presented to them. With thanks to support from Le Chameau, we will be able to empower more family farmers and rural communities to enable them to navigate these challenges to create a sustainable future for them, the countryside and our whole nation.”

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Shop the Imperfects collection here.