Jordans Sustainable Agriculture Bursary ‘Career Lifeline’ session

May 11, 2021

The ‘Career Lifeline’ sessions happen quarterly and simply consist of someone working in agriculture talking to the students about their careers so far and sharing their top tips and learnings.

Yesterday, on 27th April Rebecca Hesketh, Agriculture Manager at Waitrose, and Chloe Cross, Consultant for Kite Consulting were speaking to the bursary winners. They both spoke for 20-25 minutes on their careers so far, what they have learnt and advice for the students. Then there was a Q&A session.

Rebecca’s advice to the students was:

  1. It’s fine to change your mind.
  2. You cannot plan out your career entirely – you never know what is going to happen!
  3. Take every opportunity to learn new things as you never know what they will bring.
  4. Be yourself – what you bring is just as valuable as what everyone else brings.

Chloe’s top tips were:

  1. Learn who you are: don’t deviate from your core values, but learn to tailor your energy for the company you’re in.
  2. Find something outside of work that motivates you: work isn’t everything, lets find a balance.
  3. You can learn technical knowledge at any time in your life: Spend today learning about PEOPLE! What they want, why and how. This will make any job you’re in, much easier & more enjoyable!

Dan Weaver, first year student at Reading University, studying Agricultural Business Management, said: “I found Chloe’s Career Lifeline very interesting and inspiring. Choe’s work ethic, drive, and passion to agriculture, particularly in dairying and robotics is infectious. I took away from the session to keep to your core values, but to adapt skills and energies to each different work situation.’’