Farm Carbon Toolkit and The Royal Countryside Fund joining forces on new soils webinar

February 27, 2024

The Royal Countryside Fund wants you to save money by improving your soils. Soil is the foundation of any farm and is a fundamental asset. Efficient management of soil health can produce better yields, improve animal welfare and ensure a healthier environment – all of which can result in financial benefits for your business.

Join The Royal Countryside Fund and Farm Carbon Toolkit on Tuesday 12th March at 7pm, for an evening webinar discussing the importance of testing soil and how an understanding of what is beneath our feet can help with farm resilience and productivity.  Knowing how you can measure and monitor the health of your soils is a vital step in underpinning the future of your farming enterprise.

Put your questions to Emma Adams from Farm Carbon Toolkit about how to make the most of your soil and save money in the process.

This webinar is part of The Royal Countryside Fund’s new Savings in Soil programme, which will look at practical ways to improve soil health and manage grassland to maximise your farm’s efficiency and environmental opportunities. In addition to this, the sessions will introduce ideas linked to regenerative agriculture, such as the role of herbal leys, reduced movement and disturbance, and touch on carbon sequestration. It will also bring to life some of the concepts and case studies highlighted in the RCF’s Great Grazing Guide.  The programme will run in six locations in 2024, with details to be announced soon.

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