£250,000 in grant funding available for rural projects

March 7, 2023

The Prince’s Countryside Fund is inviting applications for grants of up to £25,000 from rural community projects across the UK, with up to £250,000 available.

The PCF is interested in projects that will make a difference in rural communities across the UK and clearly demonstrate the need within the community. Applications are encouraged from all part of the UK.

Keith Halstead, Executive Director of The Prince’s Countryside Fund said: “The PCF’s grant programme enables rural communities to become more self-sufficient by funding community-led solutions. With thanks to Waitrose and players of People’s Postcode Lottery, the PCF aims to invest at least £500,000 each year through our rural grant programmes to make projects happen, particularly in hamlets, villages, and small towns.”

Zero Carbon Llanidloes have been awarded funding for their Llanidloes Library of Things – a project which will create a community resource by providing a store of useful tools and equipment to borrow – like a carpet cleaner or stairgate. This will save local residents from having stuff that is rarely used cluttering up their homes, and means those who cannot afford to buy can still access the things they need.

Maya Binson, Secretary of Zero Carbon Llanidloes said: “The funding from The Prince’s Countryside Fund will make a huge difference to Llanidloes Library of Things and to the people of Llanidloes. It will help change the way all of us view the things we have and the things we need. We all have cupboards and garages full of stuff we only use rarely – pressure washers, camping gear, kitchen equipment.

“If we shared those things, those who cannot afford to buy them would be able to access them and all of us would need to buy less. We will encourage people “to borrow not buy” and we will give new life to old things. This funding will help us work with local schools helping young people see the value in mending and re-using and giving them invaluable life skills at the same time. And all of this will reduce our carbon footprint while building a stronger, friendlier community.”

Madeleine Taylor, Head of Operations said: “We’re looking for organisations that can demonstrate how they are operating at the heart of their local community. We want to know why their project is the solution to a communal issue or challenge. Because of this, we ask applicants to provide evidence of demand direct from their target community and to show us how the project will make a tangible difference to the lives of those in their rural village or town.

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