Biodiversity workshop

Biodiversity workshop

Register your interest in our new biodiversity workshop, taking place in Northumberland in early 2024!  

This practical, interactive workshop, run by farmer and environmental consultant Fraser Hugill, will provide an introduction to biodiversity, highlighting the benefits and practical actions you can take to manage and increase biodiversity on your farm. The session will also cover both existing and emerging policy and schemes relating to biodiversity at a national and regional level.  

The workshop will:

  • Provide farmers with a basic understanding of what biodiversity is and what it looks like on-farm.  
  • Ensure that farmers understand what a ‘biodiversity baseline’ is and how to measure it.  
  • Provide an introduction to policy and new schemes that will benefit farmers in Northumberland.    
  • Use area-specific examples to demonstrate the benefits of biodiversity on-farm, e.g., looking at grasslands, herbal lays and trees. 
  • Outline new opportunities available for farmers on biodiversity, providing attendees with the knowledge to make informed decisions for their farm that support productivity.  
  • Provide achievable practical on-farm guidance that can benefit your farm business both financially and environmentally. 

This workshop is kindly sponsored by Barbour, who last year marked its 10-year anniversary of partnership with The Royal Countryside Fund, with contributions reaching nearly £300,000. Our partnership has always been built on shared values and a mutual love and appreciation of the countryside, as well as a desire to protect and sustain it for the future. 

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