Is there a future for the small family farm?

Is there a future for the small family farm?

The Royal Countryside Fund is the only UK-wide charity that empowers family farms and rural communities to survive and thrive. In our first six years, we came face -to- face with the difficulties that small family farms are facing. To be able to support farmers better, in 2016 we commissioned the University of Exeter to help us identify the key factors to help them survive.

Is There a Future for the Small Family Farm in the UK? explores the change that has been experienced by small family farms in recent years, the distinctive impact that small farms have, including contributing to the rural economy, employment and environment management and their social and cultural significance. It concludes by identifying the factors that will help improve the resilience of small family farms and provides a list of recommendations for key stakeholders.

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Farm Resilience Programme

As a result of this research, we began running The Farm Resilience Programme in 2016 in order to help vulnerable farm businesses across the UK. Five years on, we’ve supported nearly 1,000 farming families to take control of their future.

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