Up to Speed farmers detail benefits of scheme at six months

February 23, 2022

Now past the halfway-point of the 2021-22 Up to Speed scheme—a collaboration between The Prince’s Countryside Fund and New Holland that awards family farms a loan of a New Holland machine for 12 months—this year’s winners are providing insights into how the machines have impacted day-to-day work on their farms.

“Over the summer it was used to move and handle 450 bales of silage, 300 bales of hay and 200 bales of straw. An activity we previously would have had to pay someone for, the cost saving is in the thousands,” said James and Isobel Wright, who were awarded a TH6 Telehandler.

“Through having our own tractor over the last six months, we have been able to take our own produce into the local farm produce market which we have never done before. This has meant that we have been able to sell vast quantities of our own bales compared to the odd one or two as we usually did,” said Sam Walton.

However, it’s not only farm work that the machines have been useful for. “We have a neighbour who is also a young farmer. There have been several moments in the last six months where he’s called and asked for help,” said James and Isobel. “We’ve put up lights for his wedding in the barn with a man cage, as well as mucking out his sheds and rescuing his quad bike from a tricky position. It’s really helped us both out and made us closer as neighbours.”
All in all, the Wrights have been impressed with the machine and Up to Speed.

“You couldn’t ask for more, and the support of New Holland and The Prince’s Countryside Fund as part of the Up to Speed scheme has transformed the way we run our business.”

As for the remainder of the scheme, James Miller says he will continue to put his Boomer 55 tractor to good use.

“As soon as Spring is here the machine will be out and about again for boom spraying jobs and helping out at home with harrowing and rolling of the fields. I hope the machine will become a fundamental part of the business’ expansion into more markets.”

Up to Speed is currently in its second year running with New Holland, with the current cohort completing the scheme in July.