The Royal Countryside Fund welcomes government support for abattoirs

May 14, 2024

Following the government's second annual Farm to Fork Summit, The Royal Countryside Fund's Executive Director, Keith Halstead commented on the support announced for abattoirs.

On World Farmers Day, we welcome the government’s announcement at the second Farm to Fork Summit of £3 million in support for new and mobile abattoirs. In 2021, we recommended such support measures following our research into the economic role and viability of small abattoirs – All on the Table.

The proximity of farm businesses to a suitable abattoir is essential to support locally produced food, which showcases the best of what Britain can offer. On top of this, smaller abattoirs often support the local economy; alongside the employment they offer, they also supply butchers, caterers, farm shops, pubs and restaurants, and so much like the smaller family farm, they add value back into the local economy.

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