The Prince’s Countryside Fund Land Rover Bursary

October 9, 2019

We are celebrating five fabulous years partnering with Land Rover. It has been such a privilege to work together, and see some of the incredible stories that have arisen from the partnership and the bursary.

Since 2013, the bursary has offered a year-long car loan to young entrepreneurs in the countryside, as well as an all-terrain driver training and towing training course. The aim of the vehicle loan has been to support budding business people as they make their way into a challenging sector, providing them with a professional, state of the art vehicle to kick start their rural careers. Living and working in the countryside can be increasingly difficult for young people, and the bursary has not only raised awareness of some of these challenges, but also given a unique life changing opportunity to individuals across the UK.

Over the years we have seen some exciting and varied businesses coming through the bursary: from bespoke luxury wool products to a new tea plantation. The bursary has enabled these businesses to reach remote clients, transport heavy and large products and livestock, and serve their local communities. As a result of the bursary, our recipients have seen measurable benefits to their businesses, and many have gone on to purchase the vehicle.

We are so grateful to Land Rover for their support of the Fund and the incredible difference it has made to young people in the countryside.