Peak District plays host to Bakkavor graduates keen to find out how their fundraising will support rural communities

August 15, 2017

On Tuesday 15th August, we hosted a special visit to Derbyshire to showcase to Bakkavor’s graduates how the money raised from recent fundraising activities is used by the Fund.

The first stop of the day was the Farming Life Centre, newly located at the Agricultural Business Centre (ABC) in Bakewell. Jonathan, Mary, and Catherine from gave an overview of the important work they deliver to farming families around the Peak District, and how this has been supported through our grants programme. The FLC help to support farmers and farm businesses with everything from completing funding applications to mental health issues and have also been our delivery partner for The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme in the area.

The group was then shown around the livestock market at the ABC by Ivor Lowe, a partner from Bagshaws who manage the market and the livestock auctions. Ivor explained the process of a livestock auction, which was new to most members of the tour. He explained how the animals were sorted and sold off, and how the ABC could accommodate up to 12,000 sheep at any one time and is a hub for the farming community on market days.

Next up was a family farm nearby to Bakewell, run by recent participants in The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme, Cheryl and James. James’ family have farmed for generations, but Cheryl is a new entrant to the industry. They were kind enough to give us a tour of their herd of 400 angus cattle, explaining how they monitor the growth and health of their herd through the cattle’s development until they are ready to be sold or sent to slaughter. They also explained how The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme had helped them to develop their family farm business, and how it provided a network of support in a remote area.

The last stop of the day was at the Angler’s Rest in Bamford, a community owned pub, post office, and cafe which was awarded a grant from The Prince’s Countryside Fund. Chair of the committee, Pam Kenworthy, gave a presentation on how the village had clubbed together to buy shares and save their pub. They have developed the pub building into a post office and cafe to promote socialising within the village, and to bring back essential services into the village. The pub has been a great success, promoting a community feel in Bamford.

The day was completed with a celebration dinner for the Bakkavor graduates. They have generously raised £6,500 for the Fund over the past year, through a series of bungee jumps, bake sales, and one group who completed the Yorkshire three peaks challenge.

Bakkavor is one of the Fund’s valued corporate supporters. Find out more about ways in which your business can support the Fund here.