Norfolk FRP Sandringham tour

March 17, 2022

Yesterday (16th March) Senior Trusts & Foundations Officer Lindsay and Corporate Partnerships Manager Rebecca joined the Norfolk Farm Resilience Programme group for their final session.

The group were given a private tour of the Sandringham home farm, a fully organic enterprise, spanning 2,400 hectares. The farm grows a diverse range of crops, and has recently introduced both sheep and cattle into the enterprise. The tour was led by farm manager Keith Banham, who explained to the group the process of converting the farm to fully organic. A highlight of the tour was seeing the agroforestry on farm – using a variety of trees with four meter wide wild flower strips in between which the arable farming takes place. As a result, the farm has seen a transformation in their soil quality and bird and insect population. 

The tour finished up with refreshments – in the grain store to avoid the pelting rain!