Groundswell opens door to regenerative farming for Sustainable Agriculture Bursary students 

July 1, 2022

Students receiving the Jordans Sustainable Agriculture Bursary made the most of their visit to Groundswell, a regenerative farming event, as they interacted with stakeholders from across the industry.

Groundswell, which was held at Lannock Manor Farm in Weston, Hertfordshire on 22 and 23 June, provided a forum to discuss the practical applications of conservation agriculture through various workshops and presentations, including a panel on new entrants in agriculture led by the PCF. 

Astrid Stubbings, a third-year student at Reading University that used the Bursary to fund her trip to the show said: “My aim was to learn more about how using no tillage methods could affect the way in which crops were affected by disease and weeds. Coming from a background of min-till rather than no-till myself, it was interesting for us to be able to discuss the topic. As well as the talks, having a wide variety of stalls with companies working to improve biodiversity on farmland meant that we could directly speak to the people involved in making a difference. It was brilliant to listen to what all the speakers had to say about a plethora of topics— and of course the food was brilliant too!” 

The Sustainable Agriculture Bursary was founded by the PCF and Jordans in 2019 to provide financial and mentoring support to the UK’s next generation of sustainable farmers.  

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