Farmer names calf after HRH The Prince of Wales after support from his Countryside Fund

December 7, 2020

Last week, Emma shared a photo of her newborn calf with the Fund, saying: “We learnt so much when on The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme. Today I am delighted, as we had the first calf this autumn at Manby Grange. She will be called Manby Grange Royal Highness to celebrate Prince Charles’s birthday!”

Emma Billings and her family farm near Louth in Lincolnshire took part in The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme (PFRP), run by The Prince’s Countryside Fund, in 2018.

The team here at The Prince’s Countryside Fund were ‘udderly’ delighted to hear that Emma had named her calf after their Patron.

The PFRP brings together like-minded farms in local groups and through a series of workshops gives families the tools to evaluate their viability and long-term sustainability, enabling them to make informed business decisions on their future direction.

Speaking about her experience of the PFRP, Emma said: “I’d like to give a huge thank you to The Prince’s Countryside Fund, their support means a lot, especially in these times. I am lucky to have a son who’s so passionate about the farm and I wanted to say how wonderful the Programme has been for my son’s future. It’s helped us realise how we’ve got to pass things on. “When the coordinators told us about the Programme and said it was free, I thought ‘nothing is for free’ but to give the farming community so much knowledge and not charge us is really appreciated – I would never have received that advice without it.”