Margo Wordie

Margo and her family run a farm in West Aberdeenshire

Margo Wordie and her family run a farm in West Aberdeenshire; her husband, daughter and son are all involved. They have around 550 hectares, with around 40 hectares of this devoted to barley, whilst the remainder is used for grazing their 250 cattle and 680 ewes.

“Both our daughter and the group coordinator told us about The Farm Resilience Programme. We thought it would be good to look at the facts and figures, and to look at moving forward with the children getting more involved. Though it wasn’t possible for everyone in the family to go to each workshop, everyone was able to go to some.

“We certainly have started talking about things more, and looking at the figures has been very helpful. We really finished on a high with the succession workshop with lots of relevant points for us made.

“It’s always important to be a part of groups, to pull people together and make new acquaintances. Having the whole family involved has also been good, it’s nice to see the younger generation getting involved and showing their interest in farming and the business. The Farm Resilience Programme is an excellent project that has been relevant throughout and really worthwhile.

“It’s a good programme and I do feel we all need to share information on – farm as well as with others to move forward. Change is never easy, but change is coming and we all need to prepare as much as possible, and this programme will help us move forward and look at the business and the operation.”

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